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New Things That Are Happening For HVAC Contractors

There will come a time when you have to decide to replace or repair your heating and cooling system. These systems are only designed to last a certain amount of time. However, you should know that over the past several years’ lots of exciting changes have taken place with HVAC contractors in Denver. Before you consider repairing or replacing your system, you need to be aware of some of these changes and understand what they mean for the homeowner.

R-22 Is Almost Gone 

If your heating and cooling system is 10-years or older, there is a very good chance that it contains R-22 refrigerant. Many years ago, this refrigerant was deemed harmful to the environment, so scientists developed a new brand that was more environmental friendly. What this means for the homeowner is that R-22 is becoming extinct and purchasing it is becoming harder and more expensive for HVAC contractors. So, if the compressor in your system goes out, or you spring a major leak you are going to be looking at a pretty costly repair. In the long run, it will probably be much more cost efficient for you to just replace the system.

The new refrigerant is known as R-410A and older system cannot be converted to use this refrigerant because it runs at much higher pressures. This would basically mean replacing all the piping and components in your system, which just isn’t feasible.

What The New Refrigerant Means For Homeowners

If you have a package unit, which is one big unit that sits outside, then you pretty much have nothing to worry about, because all the piping inside the system is designed and improved to withstand these new pressures at the manufacturers. However, if you have a spilt system, which means you have an indoor and outdoor unit, you might end up to replacing your line set. This is the copper line that runs from your outdoor unit to your indoor unit.

Even if the line set does not have to be upgraded, you need to make sure that the contractor replacing the unit flushes out the line set. The reason for this is because the oils in the R-22 refrigerant and R-410A refrigerant will not mix and cause problems within the new system. A proper flushing technique will remove all the oils out of the line and prep them for the new refrigerant.

New Warranty With Every Unit 

One new and exciting change that is getting homeowners excited is the 10-year warranty. Regardless of which unit or HVAC contractors in Denver you choose to replace your unit, you are guaranteed a 10-year parts warranty. This means that if your system breaks down in the first 10-years you will not be responsible for the cost of the parts, but you will have to pay for labor. This might not sound like much, but it can possibly save you quite a bit of money. Also, keep in mind that you can purchase a 10-year labor warranty as well with the company that installs the unit.

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