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Why Won’t My Blower Turn On?

Enjoy relaxing by your favorite vent on a warm afternoon or maybe during a cool, winter evening. Whatever the situation, it is the blower motor that is forcing this air out of the system. The rest of your system could be brand new and working with perfection, but if that blower motor is out or … Read more

Why Is Freon So Expensive?

Where you just left holding an unexpected $300 service bill? Maybe your unit just stopped blowing cold air or froze into a block of ice and you discovered that you are low on Freon or refrigerant. Did a call to your local San Diego HVAC tech reveal that you need a leak repair and recharge? … Read more

Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

Most people today believe that the outdoor air is to blame for the poor condition of their indoor air quality. It is indeed true that the outdoor air can play a role in the air quality in your home, but it is not the sole reason for poor indoor air quality. As a matter of … Read more

The Unique Needs Of Ductless HVAC Systems

If you are looking for a more innovative way to heat and cool a spare room or maybe a garage or basement, you have plenty of options. Maybe you are experiencing hot spots in a sunroom. Whatever the situation, a ductless unit is without a doubt one of your best options. The best part about … Read more

The Function And Construction Of A Heat Pump

There are plenty of San Diego HVAC contractors that are more than willing to offer residents heat pump services. Whether it be a heat pump installation, repair, or consultation, you won’t have a problem finding a provider to service your needs. The problem will be, finding a provider that holds himself and his employees to … Read more

The Cause Of Frozen AC Units

Frozen AC units are not uncommon occurrences in San Diego, especially during the long, summer months. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. It’s an indication that there is something wrong with your unit. Given the common occurrence, it is best to learn what might be causing it. Several different things can cause your AC … Read more

Plan To Maximize Your AC Unit Lifespan

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on changing out the air handler or condensing unit, both are significant tasks and will put quite a dent in the pocketbook. This is especially true for those families that have been out of work due to COVID. Whatever the situation, no one wants to find out that … Read more

How Your Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

A thermostat is no doubt one of the most recognizable components of a heating and air system. Most people could know nothing about their systems, but they likely know how to control that thermostat. A small, but extremely powerful device that is capable of providing heat, cooling, or continuous fan operation. Just because your thermostat … Read more

How Energy Efficient Are Heat Pumps?

Being located in the middle or southern United States affords one a lot of benefits. Not only do you have access to some of the greatest southern home cooking available, but you’ll have access to the mild temperatures. This is especially true for those in the middle of the world. Those deep in the south … Read more

How Do UV Light Indoor Air Quality Products Work?

You never can be too cautious or careful with your family’s health. This is especially true if you have asthmatic, young, elderly, or people with respiratory problems living in the home. If this is the case, you’ve likely looked into indoor air quality products. At the very least, you’ve heard talk about them from your … Read more