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When it comes to changing out your HVAC system, there will be plenty of San Diego HVAC contractors ready to jump at the chance. Whether you are looking for a solar installation, some more energy-efficient, or just a regular retrofit, you’ll have your pick of providers. It’ll be solely up to you to make sure you choose the best provider for you, your, and your family. Choose one that’s willing to go above and beyond while holding themselves and their employees to higher standards.

A Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Experience will play a role when dealing with heating and air equipment. This is because there are no two installations that are the same. Each situation will be unique in its own right. Some installations might require techniques and tactics that others don’t. Whatever the situation, this is where experience comes in handy. Knowing how to react in specific situations and what techniques to apply when and where needed. A replacement might just seem like switching out equipment to most homeowners, but this is hardly the case. Taking the time to choose a qualified and certified HVAC San Diego tech will ensure desired results. You’ll know the unit was installed correctly and more importantly safely.

The very first step of the process should a load calculation. This is a measurement of the size of the home in conjunction with the construction materials. Each door, window, vent, and wall will lose and hold specific amounts of heat and air. Just because you already have a system in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is sized right. It could have been sized wrong from the initial installation or you could have added on to the home, increasing the requirements of the HVAC system. This is why load calculations are important.

New Units Need Maintaining

Most homeowners overlook the importance of maintenance when it comes to new units. Most don’t even consider it for the first five years or so. Heck, some don’t even consider it until there is a problem. Some just do it for the first couple of years then think there is no longer a need for it. These are not the ways to approach the situation. Not properly maintaining the unit will not only reduce the overall efficiency of the unit along with its lifespan, but it could void the warranty, especially with these newer models. Studies show that systems that are regularly maintained will run far more efficiently for several years more.

While your friendly San Diego HVAC contractor will recommend tuning up the unit twice a year, you can probably get away with pushing it to just once. That being said, it is far better to tune the unit up twice a year. Once before the winter season and once before the summer season.

What To Look For In A Trustworthy Heating And Air Contractor

Mistakes are unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with heating and air, driving a car, or someone that has years and years of experience, mistakes will happen. People wreck cars and heating and air contractors will make mistakes. It is how the mistakes are tended to that makes the biggest difference. That being said, it is always best to avoid mistakes with the HVAC system, especially during the installation process.

Mistakes during the installation can lead to future problems down the road. Problems that will not only be a major headache but problems that could end up costing you and your family thousands of wasted dollars. To give you a leg up, here are some things you’ll want to look for in a quality provider. Just because a provider does or doesn’t offer these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be right for you or not. This is just a general rule of thumb to give you some kind of idea as to what to look for in a provider.

  • A family-owned company is always a better option, as you will likely be dealing with the owners
  • A company that only charges on a flat-rate basis will ensure you don’t end up paying more than expected
  • Quality work with a can-do attitude is a must
  • Look for a company that focuses heavily on honesty and integrity
  • Companies that back their guarantees are a must. Just because a company says they’ll back their work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Make sure the company will follow through with guarantees
  • In addition to guarantees, you’ll want a company that guarantees satisfaction

Full-Year Trial Or Satisfaction Guaranteed

There aren’t many guarantees in life. And, it’ll be hard to find one when it comes to heating and air installations. Some companies will say they’ll back their guarantees and warranties while offering your 100 percent satisfaction, but when you make a complaint, they’ll find some technicality to wiggle out. When it comes to heating and air units, it’ll be hard to “try before you buy”, but a satisfaction guarantee will pretty much be the same thing. With the right company that is.

Some HVAC companies will offer 100% satisfaction guarantees. And, they will back them. This means if you are not completely satisfied with the equipment or the HVAC installation, you can potentially get a full refund. You, of course, have to be reasonable and give the company reasonable time to accommodate you. These satisfaction guarantees are usually only good for the first year, but if anything is going to go majorly wrong, it will be within that first year of ownership.

A Proper Evaluation And Assessment

As you learned earlier, good heating and cooling contractors start with a proper assessment of the entire job. Not just the unit or the ductwork, but the entire home. The job as an entirety must be considered. As was mentioned, this starts with was is known as a load calculation. Doors, windows, roofs, walls, and other building materials lose specific amounts of heat. Some let more sun in while others do a better job of keeping it out. Whatever the situation, this is where the load calculation comes in handy.

The load calculation will look at your home, the types of materials it is built with, your unit, and the ductwork. It will make sure that everything is adequate for both the heating and cooling cycles. The contractor you are considered should be able to show you how many BTUs are needed to properly heat and cool your home. He or she should then be able to provide you with a menu of acceptable units that will accommodate these needs.

An improper sized unit or ductwork is just asking for trouble. This is something that will not only cause your unit to perform inadequately, but it’ll cost you more money in the long run. Your unit will either run too long or short cycling. Short cycling might keep the temp in the home maintained, but it won’t properly remove moisture. In addition to this, it’ll eventually cause the motors to burn out prematurely. Starting is the hardest part for any motor and one that is constantly doing it will burn itself out earlier than intended. Do not let this happen to you and your unit by working with the right HVAC contractor.

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