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Duct Sealing

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Is your ductwork properly sealed? If not, you need to take steps to fix this problem soon. Leaks in the ductwork will lead to major issues for your household. Our technicians have helped countless San Diego residents. Our experience means that we’ve dealt with many types of ductwork. We will find a way to fix the problem regardless. Whether the duct is damaged or leaking, we can fix it. We can repair, replace, and seal ducts for our clients.

Gaps & Tears In Ducts

You need to check your ductwork for holes, gaps, and tears. If you have these problems, the air is going to leak from the ductwork. When this happens, your energy bill is going to climb significantly higher and it’ll be harder to keep your home comfortable. To maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system, seal these holes as quickly as possible. Doing so ensures that all of the air is trapped inside the duct system. As a result, the system won’t waste energy sending air into your crawlspace or attic.

Once the gaps are sealed, your system will perform better and keep your home comfortable easier. Our company offers duct sealing services. We can also clean ducts. Clients who have pets should have their ducts cleaned regularly so we can remove pet hair and dander.

Duct Sealing Ensures Efficiency

Your ducts need to be properly sealed to guarantee the efficiency of your HVAC system. When something is wrong with your ductwork, there is a risk that you’re going to experience a 25% energy loss. Leaks and faulty ductwork need to be dealt with promptly since they could lead to poor air quality. Pollutants may enter the ducts and seep into your home when the HVAC system is on.

Properly sealing the duct ensures that the system can function at the highest efficiency. We can inspect your duct and search for leaks. Once we’ve found them, we’re going to fix them for you.

Signs Of Potential Issues

You need to learn how to identify potential problems with your ductwork. If you notice any of the problems below, contact us.

  • Your rooms feel stuffy
  • You can see dust blowing from your vents
  • Your room smells musty
  • The humidity is too high
  • Your energy bill has increased
  • You’ve been having respiratory issues
  • Airflow and temperatures are changing erratically

We Offer Ductwork Sealing Services

Our company offers comprehensive duct services. We can inspect, repair, and seal the ductwork in your home. Ductwork is often sealed with mastic or duct tape. If you have a small tear, you can likely cover it with a piece of duct tape. However, it is a good idea to hire a professional to seal tears with mastic. Only professionals should deal with this material. If you need to use mastic to fix your duct system, contact our office. We’ll work quickly to fix the problem for you.

Our technicians are properly trained and thoroughly experienced. Therefore, they can tackle the problem swiftly.

Be sure to check out our same-day and emergency duct sealing services.

If you have any other HVAC issues please check out our services.

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