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To properly protect your valuable investment, it is wise to take care of your heating and air conditioning system. We recommend signing up for our maintenance plan because it will protect your equipment and keep it operating efficiently throughout the year. Regularly maintaining your system is highly recommended. In addition to this, you need to make repairs on time to prevent problems from worsening.

Our HVAC maintenance plan is available for commercial and residential clients. Furthermore, our maintenance plan comes with many benefits, including those mentioned below.

  • Your equipment will remain energy efficient
  • Breakdowns will be less frequent
  • Repairs will be needed less often
  • Equipment lifespan will be extended
  • We’ll provide you with priority treatment
  • You can access service discounts

Breaking Down Our HVAC Maintenance Program

Our reliable professionals can perform a thorough analysis of residential and commercial HVAC systems ranging from 2 tons to 60 tons. In addition to this, we can maintenance all of these systems. Remember that you’ll need to switch your unit from heat to cool when the season changes. Therefore, you need to get the system inspected before the season changes. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in the cold weather without a reliable heating system.

We provide annual inspection and maintenance services to meet your needs. During the maintenance process, we’ll need to check several components. These components will be explored in greater depth below.

Thermostat – First and foremost, we’ll need to inspect your home’s thermostat. The thermostat helps you set the temperature. Using a programmable thermostat can help you save money and energy. We’ll inspect the thermostat and make sure it is working correctly.

Electrical System – It is also pertinent to make sure that the electrical system is in good condition. All electrical connections need to be tightened. It is also important to check the voltage and current on the motors. If there are any faulty electrical connections, it could reduce the lifespan of your system and make it unsafe.

Lubricant – All moving components must be lubricated properly. If the parts aren’t properly lubricated, it will create friction and cause the system to use too much electricity. We’ll take care of this for you.

Drain Line – Remember that your system is going to create condensation. The water needs to go somewhere. If it sits in your system, it could lead to serious issues including mold growth. It should seep through the drain line. If the drain line is clogged, it needs to be fixed. Our technicians will find and fix clogs.

Cycling & Controls – The system needs to cycle properly. Our technicians will make sure that the system starts, functions, and switching off correctly. We’ll also check all system controls to ensure that they’re working as intended.

Cool Equipment – We need to check the cooling-specific equipment in your system. For instance, we need to check the condenser coils. We’ll clean the coils to ensure that they’re working correctly. If they’re dirty, there is a risk that the system will run too long and you’ll lose money.

Refrigerant – The system needs to have sufficient refrigerant. Having excess or too little could create issues and make your system less efficient. Reduce your energy bill by maintaining optimum refrigerant levels.

Blower – The system’s blower components should be cleaned and adjusted regularly. Doing so will help ensure that sufficient air can flow through and provide plenty of comfortable moments. When you begin experiencing airflow problems, your system’s efficiency is going to be reduced greatly. In some cases, it can reduce the efficiency by as much as 15%.

Heating Components – We must inspect any heating-specific components. For instance, we’re going to check all gas connections, heat exchangers, and more. We’ll also need to make sure that the gas pressure is adequate. If a heat exchanger is cracked, using the system could be incredibly dangerous. It may release carbon monoxide into the home and you’ll want to prevent that from happening.

Changing Filters – Finally, we’re going to check and change your filters. Our clients need to perform a monthly inspection of their filters and other basic components. When you find that the filters are dirty, you’ll want to replace or clean them. Using a dirty filter will cause your energy bill to combine unnecessarily. It could also damage your equipment and decrease its lifespan.

We Put You First

When you’re ready to begin, contact us. We’re always going to put our clients first. We offer a Family Service Plan that will save you time and money. Sign up to get 10% off of repair services. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid overtime charges. Our Family Service Plan is available to all San Diego residents. We employ the best technicians in the area to ensure that all of our clients receive satisfactory results. We’re here to help so call to learn more.

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