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Keeping Your HVAC Unit Maintained

Keeping Your HVAC Unit In Las Vegas Maintained 

A heating and air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive items that you will ever purchase. The unit will play a vital role in keeping your home environment comfortable and healthy. If the HVAC unit in Las Vegas is not working properly, it will reduce the energy efficiency rating. There are several things that you will need to do regularly to keep the unit in good working condition. Below, you will discover more information about heating and air conditioning maintenance.

Keeping Interior Free Of Debris

The outdoor compressor is housed in a large metal box, with a cage or fan grill. The unit is embedded with vent holes, so the air can flow through freely. These holes are a necessity, but they can leave the unit venerable to the environment. Leaves, tree branches, dirt, and other debris can fall into the metal container. When the unit comes on, the debris will be tossed around and may even get stuck in the coils. This will not only put a lot of stress on the onboard motor, but it will also drive up the electricity or gas bill.

The best way to clean the exterior compressor is to remove the fasteners and spray it down with a water hose. You can also manually remove the large debris and then utilize a large vacuum to remove the dust particles. Be sure to avoid the coils, because they are very thin and will dent on the slightest impact. You can spray the coils down with a water hose once all of the debris has been removed.

Filter Replacement

Most people do not give thought to the air conditioning filter. This filter also plays a huge role in the operation process and if it becomes clogged down with debris, it will not work properly. The filter’s main responsibility is to trap dirt and debris, keeping it from entering the home and unit. Many people will forget to make routine filter replacement changes, which is a huge mistake. You can purchase replacement filters at any home and garden store, so be sure to pick up a few the next time you are out. If you are unsure about the replacement process, be sure to contact a HVAC tech in Las Vegas.

Straighten Bent Coils 

As mentioned about, the coils or fins are constructed out of thin metal, making them easier to damage. The slightest bump can bend the fins, which will eventually reduce efficiency. When you are completely the routine maintenance task, you should take the time to straighten the fins. You can do this with a butter knife or large screwdriver. Never utilize a tool with a sharp end, because this could potentially damage the embedded tubing that runs throughout the exterior unit.

If you do not have a butter knife on hand, you can purchase a commercial fin-straightening tool from your local big box store. This tool is designed to prevent accidental puncturing of the embedded tubing. Once you clean the exterior compressor, you should take a rake and remove the leaves and debris on the outside perimeter. This will help keep the unit cleaner for a longer period of time. You may want to complete this task every time you mow your lawn.


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