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Traveling To Las Vegas Can Be Fun For The Entire Family

A Las Vegas vacation is something that many people only get to dream about. This is largest city in Nevada, nicknamed the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” The city’s nickname explains the reasons why tourists flock to Nevada every chance they get. Contrary to believe, Las Vegas has something to offer all age groups. Yes, it is filled with lavish gambling casinos, but there are also several kiddie entertainment spots.

Las Vegas History

Las Vegas is one of the United States most recent arrivals. It was founded until 1905, starting out as a small desert settlement. The settlement remained in place for many years, but with changes occurring over the last 10 decades, the area has become one happening place. One of the major develops that took place in 1928, changed Las Vegas dramatically. The Hoover Dam construction brought in thousands of workhands into Boulder City, which was specifically developed for the workers.

Three years later in 1931, the Nevada legalized gambling. This was a great opportunity for the locals, because they could incorporate casinos into the city’s infrastructure. Casinos, pubs, and restaurants finally joined the lineup, followed by motels and resorts

In less than 10 years, Las Vegas became the entertainment capital of the world. In 1041, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel developed the Flamingo Hotel on Las Vegas Strip, which is a place that never sleeps. The resort offers a wide range of entertainment for all age groups. It is a casino and hotel combined together, which is perfect for everyone.

Transportation Options

Most tourists that travel to Las Vegas will rent a vehicle, because it offers them more flexibility. However, there are also several public bus and taxi services located throughout Nevada. Most hotels offer shuttle service and if you don’t book your accommodations at one of these facilities, you can always take advantage of professional shuttle bus service. This is a very affordable transportation option, even more affordable than taxi service.

You can also take off on foot, because many of the hotels are in close proximity of the casinos. However, it is advised to not walk alone after dark. If you are in a group, be sure to stay on the beaten path and in lighted areas. Many tourists will walk to and from their hotel to casino during the daylight hours. Many hotels have made the footpath option very enticing, by developing bridges that connect to other hotels. Some of these bridges are underground, which is great during the winter and summer months.


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