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Top Landmarks To Check Out In San Diego

Sandy beaches, long bright summer days, cool and bustling nightlife, a side of a city that is unlike anything you’ll ever experience, is it really any wonder why more and more people are choosing to visit San Diego each year? When you consider everything the city has to offer there isn’t. That being said, it really is the landmarks that make the trip worthwhile. The only question will become, which landmarks do I make sure I want to see? That’s exactly what this article is here to help with. These are the local San Diego landmarks that you will not want to miss during your visit.

The San Diego Zoo

Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, you have to more than appreciate what San Diego has done for endangered species. They have become an emblem over the years. It is Giant Pandas that they are particularly fond of. In addition to being absolutely one of the best zoos in the world, it is one of only 4 places in the nation that houses Pandas. This in of itself is pretty amazing, but it’s not the only reason to check out the area. They also have a breeding program, which almost guarantees the sight of a baby Panda. The family will get a real kick out of this.

The California Tower

Pay a visit to the bell tower in Balboa Park and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Offering your family the best of the best. And, that’s because you’ll not only get to check out the bell tower, but you’ll also get to take in what Balboa Park has to offer. There is beautiful ornate tile spread all across the area that really brings out the Spanish architecture the area is known for. The entire park is bursting with nature and architectural beauty that’ll leave you and your family breathless. Gardens, galleries, museums, halls, music, and people. You’ll find it all right here in this one spot.

The Mormon Temple

Looking for an area where you can capture postcard-like scenery? Want to make the in-laws envious? That is exactly what this fantasy land has to offer. This Mormon Temple is like something out of a science fiction movie and you’ll notice it right away when you see it. With pointed sire and gleaming facades, this temple will take you and your family on a trip through time. It’ll also take you up to the La Jolla area if you follow the Interstate the temple is located off. Unfortunately, the temple is off-limits to everyone but Latter-Day Saints Church members, but that doesn’t mean you can stand on the outside and gawk at the beauty the building and area have to offer. It’ll be well worth it.

Point Loma Lighthouse

Check out this lighthouse that not only is beauty in a bottle but holds a historical significance that would be hard to capture anywhere. It is the very site where the famed sailor, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, sailed into. If you want to get up close and personal with the lighthouse, you’ll have to travel through the local national park, which is in of itself another treat the whole family will enjoy.