Things That Denver Locals Want Out-Of-Towners To Know

Denver, Colorado is a pretty happening place and lots of people are planning trips to the great city. While you have probably done your research on the Internet, you might be surprised to learn that some of the things you read are simply not true. While the information you got, could provide you with some helpful tips and tricks the locals want you to know what the city is really about.

Green Parks And Plenty Of Them

If you are a fitness guru or just like to bike, rollerblade, or skate you are going to love Denver’s parks. Washington Park or Wash Park as the locals say is a very popular park that loops around a beautiful lake. If you are in more of a laid-back mood and want to have a picnic with the family, then you should check out Cheesman Park. Whatever mood you are in, there will be a green park that suits your needs.

Denver’s Mexican Food

Within Denver you will find some of the best Mexican food that you will ever eat and most of it is located right on Federal Boulevard. While there will be tons of mom and pop joints and food trucks to choose from, you could speak with the local to learn about their favorite spots. It is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

However, Federal Boulevard isn’t just all about Mexican food. You will probably hear many of the locals talk about Pho restaurants. A lot of the locals like Pho 96 because it is open until 3 am and offers a vegetarian broth. On the other hand, many of the local prefer Pho Duy because they always offer fresh basil.

Local Will Recommend Lakeside Amusement Park

If you were to ask a local about great attraction at least 8 out of 10 times you will hear about Lakeside Amusement Park. This place has been entertaining the locals for many years. Along with a old-school wooden roller coaster the park also features a miniature steam engine train that you can ride. On top of this, it only cost $3 a head to get in the gate and you can even pack your own picnic. Talk about an amazing time for a great price.

Music Scene Is Legit

Of course, Denver has produced their fair share of nationally recognized music artists, but some of the street acts and DJs have talent like you would not believe. Some of these guys are probably more talented that some famous musicians. Three Kings Tavern can provide you with a good rock show, or you can catch a punk show at Lion’s Lair. Whatever mood you are in, you will without a doubt find a music act that fits.


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