Things you Need To Thing About Before Replacing Your HVAC Unit

Perhaps your central heating and cool system just broke down and you are thinking about a replacement. Maybe you are just thinking about upgrading to get a better energy efficient rating. Whatever situation you are facing there are several things that you really need to sit down and consider. Below, you will discover a variety of things that you need to consider before replacing your HVAC unit in Denver.

Can The System Be Repaired Or Do I Need To Replace It?

This is the first question that every homeowner is going to ask and the truth is that this question will have to be answered by a qualified technician. However, there are some standard guidelines that you want to consider. For instance, ask yourself how old is your system, and how often does the system run? If your system is 10 years or older you are probably better off replacing the system unless you are just facing a minor inexpensive repair. If you live in a fairly mild climate area, you might not even need to repair or replace the system at all.

Of course, if you run into a major repair like a refrigerant leak or a burnt out compressor, you are going to be much better off replacing the system, especially if the unit is 10 years or older. Both of these repairs require replacing the refrigerant and if the unit is older there is a good change that it is going to contain R-22 refrigerant, which is pretty much becoming extinct and very costly.

Has Your Heating And Cooling Space Changed?

When most homeowners replace their heating and cooling systems they automatically just say, “give me the same thing I already have.” However, this could be a major mistake. If you have added new windows, doors, insulation, or rooms to the house you have ultimately affected the space in your home that needs to be heated and cooled. Basically, this means that the current size of your system might not be appropriate. Be sure to mention these things to your heating and cooling contractor.

On the other hand some people want to install a larger system, but the truth is that this can cause problems later down the road. This will only raise your electric bill and the system will not be able to properly remove the humidity from your home, which can cause a handful of more problems. Your best bet will be to have the salesman perform a load analysis on the home and calculate the size of the unit that is required for your home.

How Much Time Do I Have To Replace My System?

When it is all said and done, it is ultimately up to you when you want to replace your HVAC system in Denver. If it is summer and you live with an elderly person that requires cooling, you might have to purchase window units for the time being. Purchasing a heating and cooling system can be very costly and is one of the most important decision that you will have to make, so take it seriously.